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Would love for all of our small group girls to come on over for Experience the Cross today! I’ll be here until 4, and possibly through 8! Text if you have questions! Hope to see you!
Missing the constant psych need talk with @Audreybirkla 
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Happy birthday to my wonderful mother and fantastic aunts! :) 
Husband picked this up from the library for me today! Looking forward to reading it again!
"It’s raining all over my wall."
Today is my attractive husband’s birthday. He is such a wonderful, patient and kind husband to me, and I love him so much. Happy birthday, love!! Thank you for loving me! ❤️❤️❤️

Meditation: Life is Meaningless

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One day in high school study hall, I decided to read Ecclesiastes. I ended up reading almost the entire book in that one class period! I couldn’t wait for the writer to tell me the answer to his repetitive question: What is the meaning of life?

The author, referred to as the Teacher, discusses his search to find the meaning of life, but repeatedly ends each mini-quests concluding, “This too is…

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Finishing up our talk on Friendship! Bring Bibles and notebooks and make sure your ride can pick you up at 8!
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That one night Kyle and I made shadow puppets like children…

Child Technology, Leaders with Numbers, & Respect-Earning Husbands

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10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should be Banned– An incredibly intriguing read on the various ways technology can effect child development in negative ways due to a lack of parental involvement. As I read, I’m storing tidbits away for my future. Those of you already parenting, what are your thoughts and parenting strategies when it comes to the increasingly young age of…

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Our View of Women

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I recently saw an interesting post going around the internet. It’s about a new collection of stock photos purposing to change the way our society views women by creating photographs that feature “female leadership in contemporary work and life.”

I had mixed thoughts and emotions while browsing through these photos. There were many points made which I enjoyed, and others which I was hesitant about.

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Hey, @elevatefw students! You have 2 things to do before tomorrow night!!! 

1. Invite friends to Elevate tomorrow night for an awesome service about JESUS! 

2. Make sure you register for United while early bird fee is still on!! $80 through tomorrow! Register at!!

How to Find Time for You

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Earlier this year, I posted a blog of ideas for allowing to love yourself. I’m hoping to have a series of posts that piggyback off each of those ideas. Here’s the first.

First off, I’m not going to pretend to know what it’s like to be a parent. While I have ideas on how I hopeto maintain boundaries for myself someday, I’m sure you had all those hopes and dreams before as well. What I will say is…

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I always enjoy small group with my@high school girls, but tonight was especially fun. When our lesson wouldn’t load on my phone, we SOAP’d this power verse together then packed the rest of the night full of intense, spiritualized “girl talk.” It was a blast 😉 @emiliegrace45 @shelby_prows @sandra_soccer 

Missed the ladies that couldn’t make it tonight! @tae_loren @tlynnofficial @unbreakable10